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At Outpatient Orthopedics, we provide products and services to ASCs that increase efficiencies, patient satisfaction, and profits.

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Our Products

Our award-winning product line is manufactured with uncompromising technical excellence by trusted manufacturing partners like United Orthopedic Corporation.

Our Process

Our ascGPS Process harnesses best practices from ASCs across the country to provide you with a customized roadmap for getting from where you are now…to where you want to be.

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Our Physicians

We have one of the most robust physician networks in the Region, with specialists known around the country and the world for the quality and innovative care they provide.

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About Outpatient Orthopedics

At Outpatient Orthopedics, we know the main goal of any great surgeon is making sure patients receive optimal outcomes. With that in mind, our goal – our mission – is to give physician-owned ambulatory surgical centers top level total joint replacement solutions that meet the highest requirements for quality and innovation.

Practical & Consulting Services

We provide practical services as well as consulting services that help you pinpoint and fix broken systems while establishing new, high-efficiency processes that includes:

  • Cost containment strategies
  • Inventory control measures
  • Procedural profitability


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What Our
Clients Say
About Us.

Dr. Mark Tuttle, an orthopedic surgeon from HealthOne in Denver, CO, talks about the partnership he has with Outpatient Orthopedics and how that impacts his patient outcomes.

Our Blog

We post often to our blog to keep you updated with the latest insights and trends.