Our award-winning product line is manufactured with uncompromising technical excellence by trusted manufacturing partners such as United Orthopedic Corporation.

MDT™ Efficiency System

Knee Systems

The highly efficient MDT system can reduce the number of reusable trials for TKA from several trays to just two boxes, which allows for a single tray total knee procedure. Single-use convenience improves patient safety by potentially reducing infection risk, and hospitals may realize lower sterilization and reprocessing costs. Strengthened with a metal-reinforced, medical-grade composite material, the disposable trials perform like a standard trial.

U2 Knee™ System

All-in-One Block

The compact, new All-in-One Block enables surgeons to precisely and confidently perform several critical preparatory steps prior to affixing the U2 Knee prosthesis. When used together, the U2™ Knee All-in-One Block and Modular Disposable Trial can reduce instrument tray count from 6 to 1.5.

U2 PSA Revision Knee™

Knee Revision System

With its 134˚ high-flexion design and full compatibility with our U2 Knee™ primary system, the U2 PSA Revision Knee™ system is designed to provide predictable stability and positive outcomes with minimal bone resection. Includes: femoral component, tibial insert and augment, extension press-fit stem, femora augment (posterior and distal), and tibial baseplate.

Conformity stem hip system

Conformity™ Stem

Hip Systems

Following the concept of classic full-HA-coated femoral stem design, the Conformity stem provides a unique profile for ideal biomechanical performance in a reduced size. Both collared and Collarless options in standard and high-offset offerings are available. Extra specifications prepared for patients with lower neck-shaft angle of proximal femur, or smaller sized patients with shorter femoral neck in anatomical perspective are also part of the comprehensive system.

UTS™ Hip Stem

Hip Systems

The UTS™ Hip Stem is ideal for the direct anterior approach for total hip replacement, with a tapered wedge short step suitable for less-invasive primary hip replacement surgery. It is designed for easier insertion through smaller incisions and requires simpler femoral preparation, enabling rapid recovery. Shorter stems help preserve bone and allow for more favorable conditions in future revisions.


Oncology Limb Salvage

The USTAR II (United Segmented Total Artificial Reconstruction) –  the latest innovative release from United Orthopedic Corporation– combines reduced size with increased strength. The system represents the smallest bone resections required for major oncology procedures, uniquely positioning us to serve the greatest variety of surgeon needs and patient populations. The newly invited hinge mechanism puts surgeon ease of use and patient safety at the forefront of a historically challenging procedure.